Global events series focused on the FUTURE OF WORK through the use of People Analytics ∙ Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) ∙ Strategic Workforce Planning and ultimatelly Data-driven HR

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It’s a really good international conference, I had an opportunity to talk to many attendees and what I’ve really enjoyed is hearing new speakers. A lot of conferences feature all the same speakers, but here we got both global and a local perspective of the speakers from the CEE region.
David Green Founder & CEO ∙ Zandel
Here in Budapest it's fantastic! The environment is quite cool, I heard so many new things today, but I also saw some old friends in the filed, so it's also a great place to network. Here you get new perspectives, you learn from other people in the field and you build up your network.
Marielle Sonnenberg, PhD. HR Director ∙ Walters Kluwer
I really love teaching. Whenever I can share my knowledge and expertise, that we gained doing hundreds of projects, I really love to share that. For me that’s really important. The number of people at this conference, both attendees and speakers is really fascinating!
Luk Smeyers Founder ∙ iNostix by Deloitte



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DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM series is based on 4 success pillars to ensure outstanding delegate experience and a value for your company’s money. Inside the conference hall you will hear:

Key-notes by leading global HR analytics influencers, providing strategic overview of trends & tendencies and insight into the global state of affairs in People Analytics.

Case-studies from corporate HR sector, showcasing implementation projects for HR analytics, issues and challenges faced along the way, lessons learned from the process and ultimatelly impact it had on their organization.

Experts' presentations, demonstrating research results from the top-level academic sector – university professors and data-scientists in the field of human analytics.

Outside the conference room, the HR Tech Expo gathers various solution providers, displaying a plethora of products and services, suited for organizations of any size and nature – from SMEs to Fortune500 corporations.

Conference Format

Delegates come first. Always

A truly outstanding event has SPEAKERS deliver talks with ENERGY and PASSION while showcasing RELEVANT CONTENT, above everything else. We keep it that way.

The core nature of this conference series is the PRACTITIONER'S APPROACH. That is to say, presenting real-life case-studies from the Corporate HR world. We explicitly do not feature any Sponsored Talks, Product Demos, Sales Pitches or Vendor Presentations on the main stage.

DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM is not a trade-show. It is an independently organized HR conference for HR practitioners. It features a variety of Ted-style talks in a vendor-free conference room.

The purpose of the DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM is to be a meeting place of Corporate HR practitioners and other enterprise professionals, to talk about, share and fundamentally learn about the latest developments, trends, tendencies and best-practices in the field of People Analytics. We firmly believe that a vendor-free stage provides the optimal conditions to have a valuable, engaging, fun and stress-free learning experience with colleagues and other HR professionals.

  • Guided by “less is more” principle, presentations are 25-minutes, to ensure key-message is delivered in a dynamic, engaging and interesting way for the audience. No death by PowerPoint!
  • Designed to fully engage with the audience, panel-discussions provide an ideal opportunity for speakers to exchange views with one another and also interact with the delegates.
  • The information you will hear comes predominantly from the corporate HR sector – real people/real projects. You will hear about true success stories and how you can benefit from them. No Sales Pitch!
  • This is a BIG event by head-count, yet it is “small enough” for everyone to be in the same room at all times. You will have an all-day access to all the speakers and your fellow delegates.

DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS conference series brings you the blueprint on how to successfully implement HR Analytics at both strategic and tactical/ops level. You will hear real-life examples form the Global Fortune500 corporations, as well as some of the World's leading academic and business minds in the field, presenting data-based facts & figures, trends & tendencies for the near, mid and long-term outlook of the Future of Work.

Vendor Policy

No Sales Pitch on main stage

As an independent organizers, we explicitly do NOT promote, support, advance or preferentially treat any particular HR Tech Solution Provider, Vendor or brand. Attendees’ data is never shared with any 3rd parties.

As the Official Conference Partner of DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS PRACTITIONERS FORUM you will enjoy the following benefits:
· Dedicated premier space in the conference networking area
· Access to delegates and speakers during networking breaks
· Opportunity to meet many of the senior decision-makers, as well as practitioners in this industry segment
· Your roll-wall inside the main conference room placed on the main stage, so everyone sees it at all times
· Your roll-wall in the newtorking area
· Opportunity to place your marketing materials directly into deleates' bags (every delegate receives one)
· Your logo with hyperlink to your website / LinkedIn / FB / etc page on the conference website
· Two (2) complimentary tickets for the conference (rules of engagement apply!)

Rules of engagement:
1) Complimentary tickets provide full access to the main conference room, to listen in on the presentations and panel-talks. These tickets are solely granted to HR professionals and/or Senior Management of your organization.
2) Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Client Engagement and other vendor representatives are not granted access to the main conference room.
3) Complimentary tickets are not issued to your customer-facing representatives in your vendor boot.
4) Your representatives in your vendor boot, located at the HR Tech networking space, will be issued a different pass.
5) Complimentary tickets are issued to specific people, based on the above points 1-3 and cannot be transferred to others without prior written consent.

For commercial details, please visit the specific event's dedicated website or send your inquiery to

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