Success story continues - Amsterdam Forum - is the 9th in the global series

The journey has begun with a single conference in October 2017 and the series has been growing ever since. With 4 conferences throughout 2018 and another 5 in 2019, featuring speakers from 4 continents and 24 countries, the event quickly established itself as the HR Analytics conference at the Old Continent, with a recent forum in New York City in May, expanding that success in North America. Here's what people had to say about it:

In Amsterdam, speakers from US, Canada, Europe and Asia will share the stage over the course of a full day to provide delegates with an unprecedentedly rich cultural and professional experience, with case-studies on best-practices with People Analytics, ONA, Strategic Workforce Planning and data-driven HR from around the World. So, join us!

Why People Analytics

The story starts with a simple fact – you cannot ignore digitalization and stay competitive in business, let alone be a market leader in any business. We live in a world where a smartphone app can change the market landscape in a matter of weeks. Love it or hate it – you can’t ignore it. Improved workforce productivity and performance, enhanced employee experience and wellbeing, and better HR reporting at a strategic level, are essential to the success of organizations and their ability to survive, now and in the decades to come. All this comes at a time when talented and highly skilled employees are not just becoming harder to recruit and retain, but actively rethinking their desired relationships with employers.

So, the HR has to go digital; and as organizations look to cope with these changes, they are embracing the workforce analytics at ever greater pace. These analytics can be used to improve workforce productivity, enhance employee experience and wellbeing, and increase the impact of HR overall. Undoubtedly, workforce analytics is central to the future of HR, as it lies at the heart of initiatives to personalize the employee experience, optimize organizational design and improve team collaboration and effectiveness.

Now, that is – by any accounts – a pretty big deal.

Conference Format

Delegates come first. Always

A truly outstanding event has SPEAKERS deliver talks with ENERGY and PASSION while showcasing RELEVANT CONTENT, above everything else. We keep it that way.

The core nature of this conference series is the PRACTITIONER'S APPROACH. That is to say, presenting real-life case-studies from the Corporate HR world. We explicitly do not feature any Sponsored Talks, Product Demos, Sales Pitches or Vendor Presentations on the main stage.

DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM is not a trade-show. It is an independently organized HR conference for HR practitioners. It features a variety of Ted-style talks in a vendor-free conference room.

The purpose of the DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM is to be a meeting place of Corporate HR practitioners and other Peope Analytics professionals, to share their views, insights and knowledge among the industry peers. We firmly believe that a vendor-free stage provides the optimal conditions to have a valuable, engaging, fun and stress-free learning experience with colleagues and other HR professionals.

  • Guided by “less is more” principle, presentations are 25-minutes, to ensure key-message is delivered in a dynamic, engaging and interesting way for the audience. No death by PowerPoint!
  • Designed to fully engage with the audience, panel-discussions provide an ideal opportunity for speakers to exchange views with one another and also interact with the delegates.
  • The information you will hear comes predominantly from the corporate HR sector – real people/real projects. You will hear about true success stories and how you can benefit from them. No Sales Pitch!
  • This is a BIG event by head-count, yet it is “small enough” for everyone to be in the same room at all times. You will have an all-day access to all the speakers and your fellow delegates.

DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS conference series brings you the blueprint on how to successfully implement HR Analytics at strategic and tactical/ops level. You will hear real-life examples form the Global Fortune500 corporations, as well as some of the World's leading academic and business minds in the field, presenting data-based facts & figures, trends & tendencies for the near, mid and long-term outlook of the Future of Work.

Vendor Policy

No Sales Pitch on main stage

As an independent organizers, we explicitly do NOT promote, support, advance or preferentially treat any particular HR Tech Solution Provider, Vendor or brand. Attendees’ data is never shared with any 3rd parties.

As the Official Conference Partner of DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS PRACTITIONERS FORUM you will enjoy the following benefits:
· Dedicated premier space in the conference networking area
· Access to delegates and speakers during networking breaks
· Opportunity to meet many of the senior decision-makers, as well as practitioners in this industry segment
· Your roll-wall inside the main conference room placed on the main stage, so everyone sees it at all times
· Your roll-wall in the networking area
· Opportunity to place your marketing materials directly into delegates' bags (every delegate receives one)
· Your logo with hyperlink to your website / LinkedIn / FB / etc page on the conference website
· Two (2) complimentary tickets for the conference (rules of engagement apply!)

Rules of engagement:
1) Complimentary tickets provide full access to the main conference room, to listen in on the presentations and panel-talks. These tickets are solely granted to HR professionals and/or Senior Management of your organization.
2) Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Client Engagement and other vendor representatives are not granted access to the main conference room.
3) Complimentary tickets are not issued to your customer-facing representatives in your vendor boot.
4) Your representatives in your vendor boot, located at the HR Tech networking space, will be issued a different pass.
5) Complimentary tickets are issued to specific people, based on the above points 1-3 and cannot be transferred to others without prior written consent.

For commercial details, send your inquiery to sponsors@peopleanalyticsforum.eu.

Why Attend

Technology is changing the world of work and big data plays a key role in the process. Sorting out the “ocean of information” is the game-changer. HR analytics is not yet-another-hype, but a trend that is growing and is here to stay. It is increasingly becoming the “way we do things around here”. If you don’t have the right data – you are uninformed. If you have too much of unsorted data – you are overwhelmed. As a busy HR person, you can’t afford either. The quality of your decisions has a direct and lasting impact on your organization. The HR analytics provide a solution to that challenge.

DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS NYC FORUM is a 2-day conference dedicated to presenting, understanding and embracing the use of data-driven analytical approach in HR, and business as a whole. The data-driven decision-making process is recognized as the key differentiator in today’s workplace, giving companies who apply it properly a substantial edge.

This global series of conferences features various Fortune500 corporate practitioners and top academic experts, who share their knowledge and best practices, so that you as a delegate can readily apply it in your real-world job.

  • Learn
  • Engage
  • Share
  • Participate
  • And above all - have fun :)
Main objective

The goal of this conference is to help you – the attendee – to choose the best practices, tools & techniques for your organization and your own role. Some of the topics that we will talk about include:
· Building HR Analytics Functions, Teams, Capabilities and Support
· Data-Driven Recruitment and Talent Management
· Culture, Engagement and Employee Experience
· Smarter Workforce Planning for Growth or Downsizing
· Technology-Enabled Employee Insights
· Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
· AI in HR
· Workforce Differentiation and Predicting Attrition Impact
· Identifying and Developing Leaders among Candidates and Talent Pools

Who will be there?

Most notably many of the Global Top People Analytics Thought-leaders and influencers and many, many:
· CHROs, VPs HR and HRDs
· HR Analytics function heads
· HR Business Partners for Analytics
· Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Leaders and Analysts
· Analytics professionals and SMEs
· Talent Development & Learning Leaders & Analysts
· Workforce Planners and Organizational Designers
· Workforce Analysts aspiring to use more sophisticated analytical tools and techniques
· Other senior managers, professionals and SMEs from HR, IT, Data and Analytics functions
· Media, Press and Academia representatives

Worth mentioning

Learn about latest trends, applications, tools & best-practices
Understand why is HR analytics estimated as €18Bn market
Meet top speakers from North America, Europe and the World
Participate in discussions and have fun
Presentations you will hear are from real world. Presenters will talk about REAL projects, REAL challenges, REAL issues, REAL success & failures and REAL people. No death by Power Point!

People Analytics Practitioner

You will get the practical know-how, insights and detailed blue-print on how other's walking in your shoes have done it, what their challenges were and how they have overcome it, what tools, techniques and process they have used, whether they had (or lacked) the executive support and why that was crucial to their success and much, much more. You will walk out after the two days of this conference smarter and probably more determined to make People Analytics key priority in your organization. Better yet, you’ll be armed with tangible assets to accomplish your goals.

CHRO / HR VP / HR Director

You will benefit by learning about strategic-level importance of HR 4.0 and People Analytics. You will be empowered to widen your CEO’s and other Senior Managers horizons, by pioneering successful change management initiatives. You will have data-based facts that will enable you to shift the organizational mindset from fixed to grow. You will have data-based business insights, that will enable you to present outcome scenarios to your Board. You will earn the seat at the table!

HR Business Partner

You will benefit by seeing and hearing the real stories, from the real people at operational-level of running the People Analytics Teams and departments. You will learn about the best practices in data-collection and processing, data-visualization and story-telling. You will become the most trusted adviser to your CHRO on value of data-based recruitment, talent-management, employee–satisfaction and retention, reward strategies benefits and much more.

Project / Program Manager in Charge of PA solution implementation

You will benefit by learning about operational-level implementation projects of People Analytics solutions; the mistakes that others made (so that you won’t). You will be presented with step-by-step processes, the challenges and roadblocks the team encountered along the way, how they’ve gained the stakeholders support, what worked and what’d didn’t and their lessons learned on these projects.



Global Locations



Billion $ Market

More than


Speakers & Panelists

Culture of


Continents Represented

DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM series is based on 4 success pillars to ensure outstanding delegate experience and a value for your company’s money. Inside the conference hall you will hear:

Key-notes by leading global HR analytics influencers, providing strategic overview of trends & tendencies and insight into the global state of affairs in People Analytics.

Case-studies from corporate HR sector, showcasing implementation projects for HR analytics, issues and challenges faced along the way, lessons learned from the process and ultimatelly impact it had on their organization.

Experts' presentations, demonstrating research results from the top-level academic sector – university professors and data-scientists in the field of human analytics.

Outside the conference room, the HR Tech Expo gathers various solution providers, displaying a plethora of products and services, suited for organizations of any size and nature – from SMEs to Fortune500 corporations.

Speakers & Panelists

Real people real stories

HR 4.0, People Analytics, Workforce Analytics, HR Analytics… to some it might sound “Chinese”. Then let us add the data-visualization, AI, Robotics into the mix, top it with a huge those of IT… and you might ask - are we here to “talk HR or what?!?” Yes, off course we are here to talk HR and the key-note speakers you will see and hear will do exactly that. They are here not only to give you the high-level overview of the global state of affairs in terms of adoption rates of analytics in HR, but also give you guidance and vision to what really matters and what doesn't, what's important and what's "hot air".

Naturally, you'll also hear a lot from the HR colleagues, talking about their projects and their people, what they've done, how they've done it, what worked for them and what didn’t. What they’ve learned along the way, how they’ve managed change and resistance and much, much more.

Last, but not least - you will get quality insights into research projects conducted by some of the most brilliant scientific minds, PhD’s, university professors and data-scientist, who will present their findings and its practical applications in corporate arena.

Laura Stevens

Laura Stevens, PhD

People Analytics Lead


Distinguished Key-note Speaker

Ghassan Karian

Ghassan Karian

Managing Partner

Karian & Box

Distinguished Key-note Speaker

Dr. Barbara Zych


Employer Branding Institute

Patrick Coolen

Global Head People Analytics

SWP & HR Survey Management

ABN Amro

Mariëlle Sonnenberg, PhD

VP Business Analytics

Wolters Kluwer

Gerrit Schimmelpenninck

Talent Intelligence Manager


Hamad Al Mansouri

Senior Manager Human Capital

Qatar Financial Center

Lamin Kinteh



Charlotte Melkert

Co-Founder & CEO


Forum Moderator

Above listed are confirmed speakers. The list is not complete yet!

Interested in Speaking? Apply here!


Both days start with a distinguished key-note presentations followed by a panel discussion. The program continues with case-studies from the corporate HR and success stories with People Analytics, crowned by research findings from the elite think-tank institutions.

Enjoy the morning coffee and breakfast with your fellow attendees. The conferences will commence at 09:00 sharp, in order to meet the event schedule.

Location: In front of the main Conference Hall

Who runs the show?

Charlotte Melkert is a young, driven entrepreneur with a passion for recruitment innovations. Her goal is to disrupt the recruitment market by introducing innovative technologies, self-learning data and process-changing features. Charlotte’s work so far has led her to several nominations, including InspiringFifty, T500 and TedxWomen Amsterdam.

About the Speaker:

Laura Stevens, PhD is a People Analytics Manager in Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting Practice in Brussels. As a People Analytics Translator, Laura is dedicated to bringing analytics to the center of decision-making in the area of talent management. She brings a depth of understanding of how the analysis of complex organizational and people data sets can unlock strategically relevant and actionable insights for senior leaders.

In her consulting work Laura has a special focus on People Analytics areas such as People Research, Continuous Listening, Data Driven Transformation and People Analytics Capability Building.

What passionates her as a professional is being able to help organizations to build a better workplace, enabling their employees to focus on what matters & motivates them as a person. By focusing more on the motivational drivers of employees, organizations can gain tremendous competitive advantage. From Laura’s perspective, data and analytics should be the lifeblood of those efforts.

Laura holds a PhD. in Educational Sciences from Ghent University in Belgium.

Presentation focus:
Sharing learnings from executing over 100 projects in the past 5 years with regards to implementing the People Analytics function.

In our projects, we are seeing that many organizations are starting with People Analytics without thinking of an operating model. We have experienced many times that organizations get stuck after a while and are not making (analytical maturity) progress anymore because the lacking 'rules of the game' (= operating model). I will take the participants thru my experiences and learnings in working with organizations that got stuck after a few initial experiments.

Key take-aways:
1. Understanding the critical necessity to invest in an operating model to become successful with People Analytics
2. How to start using the 4 pillars of a People Analytics Operating Model: People, Organization, Data & Technology
3. How to design a roadmap to implement the People Analytics Operating Model


Laura Stevens, PhD ∙ People Analytics Lead ∙ Deloitte
Lamin Kinteh · Founder · Zyvo
Barbara Zych, PhD ∙ CEO ∙ Employer Branding Institute


Charlotte Melkert

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to mingle around some 300 delegates, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: HR Tech Expo in front of the main conference hall

Speaker: Patrick Coolen · Global Head People Analytics, Strategic Workforce Planning and HR Survey Management · ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Presentation focus:
· What is data based employer branding?
· How to choose the right metrics to assess and optimize the employer brand
· Different maturity stages of people analytics usage in employer branding
· Integrating over 500 HR metrics into one employer brand model

Employer branding is a complex construct that requires integrating different actions and metrics through the entire candidate-employee lifecycle. How to overcome this challenge when shaping the attrition and retention strategy, setting KPI and measuring the effects? Can it be based on single measures? Should we benchmark towards the other brands? How to integrate the people data to employer brand strategy? Presentation showing different maturity stages of people analytics usage in employer branding based on case studies from well-known big companies operating on the polish demanding market (from the banking to construction sector) such as:
∙ Shaping the salesforce recruitment communication based on performance based research
∙ Optimizing the recruitment campaigns based on performance based marketing
∙ Assessing and crafting the employer brand strategy based on 500 HR metrics

Key take-aways:
1. Choosing and integrating HR metrics is the most challenging task when we do data based employer – branding
2. Using people analytics to asses and optimize the employer brand can have different stages of maturity
3. Benchmarking is not the opposite to people analytics, it is a must have stage when applying it correctly

Speaker: Barbara Zych, PhD. · CEO · Employer Branding Institute

Presentation focus:
· How to set up an intelligence function
· How to promote it internally
· Use of talent intelligence within Philips - methodology & case-studies

I will present on how Philips set up a talent intelligence function and how it is embedded in much of it's current decision making in a vast array of areas within the company. I will explain how we reverse engineer in great detail other companies organization structures and for what purpose. e.g. when we set up new organizations or when we are in the pre due diligence phase in M&A processes. I will also explain how talent intelligence is at the heart of location strategy at Philips.

Key take-aways:
1. Talent intelligence let you benchmark against other organizations
2. Talent intelligence at Philips is key in location strategy
3. Talent intelligence serves as an important indicator in Philips M&A processes

Speaker: Gerrit Schimmelpenninck · Talent Intelligence Manager · Philips

A great opportunity to engage in a casual chat with speakers and your fellow delegates. Lunch will be served at the main hotel restaurant, providing a variety of the best international cuisine.

Location: Main hotel restaurant

Presentation focus:
∙ What is an algorithm?
∙ How does a machine learn?
∙ How can a machine replace human decision-making?
∙ How can a machine tell us what the future will look like?
∙ How to build that first predictive model?

Everybody talks about it, everybody wants it but only a few know how to do it!

In a non-technical way we will be addressing the things that no-one is talking about but that you must know!

If you like to get started with predictive analytics, you must have a basic understanding of what is and how it works. You should know what it can bring your organization but you should also be aware of the risks that come along with applying predictive analytics.

Key take-aways:
1. You'll have basic understanding of how AI and Machine learning works
2. You'll know which important risks to consider when dealing with predictive analytics
3. You'll know how to get started

Speaker: Lamin Kinteh · Founder · Zyvo

Presentation focus:
· Working with other functions to show how HR data and People Analytics can be used to positively impact their own KPIs

This session will focus on how to structure your HR analytics capability in such a way that other functions and the business are positively impacted. Marielle will showcase the HR analytics journey within Wolters Kluwer, the design decisions taken, and the way they work together with other functions and business areas in building their capability.

Key take-aways:
1. How to structure HR Analytics capabilities
2. How to lead HR Analytics roll-out program
3. How to positively impact other functions in the company with HR Analytics

Speaker: Mariëlle Sonnenberg, PhD · Vice President Business Analytics · Wolters Kluwer

Presentation focus:
· Transitioning pains
· Building trust in the Data
· The organization culture and how it can be an obstacle
· Data Analytics vs Human approach

A case-study into where QFC want to go and where we stand now. What Human capital looked like a couple of years ago, what it looks now, and the obstacles we need to get over to become a Data driven organization.

Key take-aways:
1. System challenges
2. Cultural challenges
3. How Data can work and can’t work

Speaker: Hamad Al Mansouri · Senior Manager Human Capital · Qatar Financial Center

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to mingle around some 300 delegates, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: HR Tech Expo in front of the main conference hall

Presentation focus:
· Practical case studies with insights into the latest, most innovative examples of advanced people analytics
· The focus on securing insight aligned to the business and HR/people strategies enables actionable findings to drive performance
· Using visual and verbal storytelling to help bring the data to life for time-poor leaders / stakeholders

Real-world case studies from businesses such as Asda, Aviva, BP, HSBC and a range of other businesses with European operations. Powerful insights into which attitudinal and behavioral factors are most likely to drive which business performance metrics. Examples of the most innovative ways of presenting people data to enable quick understanding of the issues at stake, and to help interpret actionable insights.

Key take-aways:
1. Integration of data not aggregation to secure deep insight
2. Predicting performance is achievable using innovative approaches
3. The story of the data matters as much as the data itself

Speaker: Ghassan Karian · Founder & CEO · Karian & Box


Ghassan Karian ∙ Founder & CEO ∙ Karian & Box
Mariëlle Sonnenberg, PhD · Director HR Strategy & Analytics · Wolters Kluwer
Patrick Coolen · Global Head People Analytics, Strategic Workforce Planning and HR Survey Management · ABN AMRO Bank N.V.


Charlotte Melkert

Insights into recent Events

what people say

It’s a really good international conference, I had an opportunity to talk to many attendees and what I’ve really enjoyed is hearing new speakers. A lot of conferences feature all the same speakers, but here we got both global and a local perspective of the speakers from the CEE region.
David Green Founder & CEO ∙ Zandel
Here in Budapest it's fantastic! The environment is quite cool, I heard so many new things today, but I also saw some old friends in the filed, so it's also a great place to network. Here you get new perspectives, you learn from other people in the field and you build up your network.
Marielle Sonnenberg, PhD. HR Director ∙ Walters Kluwer
I really love teaching. Whenever I can share my knowledge and expertise, that we gained doing hundreds of projects, I really love to share that. For me that’s really important. The number of people at this conference, both attendees and speakers is really fascinating!
Luk Smeyers Founder ∙ iNostix by Deloitte

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The conference starts with the keynotes session, followed by a panel-talk. After the morning networking break, the program continues with case-study presentations from corporate practitioners. Each speaker has roughly 25 minutes for the speech + brief Q&A with the audience. Altogether, there 8 presentations and 2 panel-talks throughout the DATA-DRIVEN HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM.

Yes, just drop us an email to info@peopleanalyticsforum.eu

English is the official language.

Truth is we don't believe in dress-codes, so wear whatever you feel best suits you. If you like suit & tie, that's fine, but so are jeans. Our motto is "feel comfortable, while being elegant".

If your group is 5 or more people, drop us a quick email to register@peopleanalyticsforum.eu

YES, you will receive a PDF copy of all the presentations / slide-decks, from all the speaekrs.

One word: GDPR. No, we don’t sell delegates’ details as leads to third parties (sorry Sponsors!). Naturally, we keep your data on our secured servers, as we will keep you posted about next edition of the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM in 2019. You will get a maximum of 3 email messages from us and that’s it. We leave it up to you to decide with whom you’d like to share your info.