People Analytics ∙ Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) ∙ Strategic Workforce Planning

Conference Format

A truly outstanding event has speakers characterized by 3 things ENERGY ∙ PASSION ∙ CONTENT above all else. We keep it that way.

  • Guided by “less is more” principle, presentations are 20-minutes, to ensure key-message is delivered in a dynamic, engaging and interesting way for the audience. No death by PowerPoint!
  • Designed to fully engage with the audience, the 2 X 1-hour panel-discussions are ideal opportunity for speakers to exchange views with one another and also interact with delegates.
  • The information you will hear comes predominantly from the corporate HR sector – real people/real projects. You will hear about true success stories and how you can benefit from them. No Sales Pitch!
  • This is a BIG event by head-count, yet it is “small enough” for everyone to be in the same room at all times. You will have an all-day access to all the speakers and your fellow delegates.


What exactly is the big deal about this whole concept of People Analytics, also known as Workforce Analytics (aka HR Analytics)...???

The story starts with a simple fact – you cannot ignore digitalization and stay competitive in business, let alone be a market leader in any business. We live in a world where a smartphone app can change the market landscape in a matter of weeks. Love it or hate it – you can’t ignore it. Improved workforce productivity and performance, enhanced employee experience and wellbeing, and better HR reporting at a strategic level, are essential to the success of organizations and their ability to survive, now and in the decades to come. All this comes at a time when talented and highly skilled employees are not just becoming harder to recruit and retain, but actively rethinking their desired relationships with employers.

So, the HR has to go digital; and as organizations look to cope with these changes, they are embracing the workforce analytics at ever greater pace. These analytics can be used to improve workforce productivity, enhance employee experience and wellbeing, and increase the impact of HR overall. Undoubtedly, workforce analytics is central to the future of HR, as it lies at the heart of initiatives to personalize the employee experience, optimize organizational design and improve team collaboration and effectiveness.

Now, that is – by any accounts – a pretty big deal. And the good news is:

The Future of HR is here

Empowering HR with People Analytics for Success in Digital Economy

Most organizations still operate in hierarchical 2.0 mode, while the modern HR has reached the 4.0 stage. The HR 4.0 now has the capability to influence business decisions, by providing data-based, timely and exact business insight. The HR 4.0 can provide the CEO and other C-level decision-makers with data-based facts to make the key business decisions, instead of relying on the “gut-feel”. People Analytics brings the paradigm shift in how business decisions are made, how risk is evaluated and ultimately what business impact an organization will have. We are no longer talking about the need to have HR at the table in l'art pour l'art HR terms. People Analytics finally gives the HR that truly strategic role... and a seat at the table.

This conference series and subsequent Masterclasses bring you the blueprint on how to successfully implement HR Analytics at strategic and tactical/ops level. You will hear real-life examples form the giants like Amazon, as well as some of the World's leading academic and business minds in the field, presenting data-based facts & figures, trends & tendencies for the near, mid and long-term outlook of the Future of Work.

Technology is changing the world of work and big data plays a key role in the process. Sorting out the “ocean of information” is the game-changer. HR analytics is not yet-another-hype, but a trend that is growing and is here to stay. It is increasingly becoming the “way we do things around here”. If you don’t have the right data – you are uninformed. If you have too much of unsorted data – you are overwhelmed. As a busy HR person, you can’t afford either. The quality of your decisions has a direct and lasting impact on your organization. The HR analytics provide a solution to that challenge.

HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM WARSAW is a conference dedicated to presenting, understanding and embracing the use of data-driven analytical approach in HR function, and business as a whole. The data-driven decision-making process is recognized as the key differentiator in today’s workplace, giving companies who apply it properly a substantial edge.

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco and NYC are regularly hosting world-class HR analytics conferences ever more often. We wanted to bring some of that world closer to you!

  • Learn
  • Engage
  • Share
  • Participate
  • And above all - have fun :)
Main objective

The goal of this conference is to help you – the attendee – to choose the best practices, tools & techniques for your organization and your own role. Some of the topics that we will talk about include:
· Building HR Analytics Functions, Teams, Capabilities and Support
· Data-Driven Recruitment and Talent Management
· Smarter Workforce Planning for Growth or Downsizing
· Technology-Enabled Employee Insights
· AI in HR
· Workforce Differentiation and Predicting Attrition Impact
· Identifying and Developing Leaders among Candidates and Talent Pools

Who will be there?

Most notably many of the Global Top 10 People Analytics Thought-leaders and influencers and many, many:
· CHROs & HR Directors
· HR Analytics function heads
· HR Business Partners for Analytics
· Analytics professionals and SMEs
· Other senior managers, professionals and SMEs from HR, IT, Data and Analytics functions
· Media, Press and Academia representatives

Worth mentioning

Learn about latest trends, applications, tools & best-practices
Understand why is HR analytics estimated as $18Bn market
Meet top speakers from Europe and the World
Participate in discussions and have fun
Presentations you will hear are from real world. Presenters will talk about REAL projects, REAL challenges, REAL issues, REAL success & failures and REAL people. No death by Power Point!

CHRO / HR Director

You will benefit by learning about strategic-level importance of HR 4.0 and People Analytics. You will be empowered to widen your CEO’s and other Senior Managers horizons, by pioneering successful change management initiatives. You will have data-based facts that will enable you to shift the organizational mindset from fixed to grow. You will have data-based business insights, that will enable you to present outcome scenarios to your Board. You will earn the seat at the table!

HR Business Partner

You will benefit by seeing and hearing the real stories, from the real people at operational-level of running the People Analytics Teams and departments. You will learn about the best practices in data-collection and processing, data-visualization and story-telling. You will become the most trusted adviser to your CHRO on value of data-based recruitment, talent-management, employee –satisfaction and retention, reward strategies benefits and much more.

Project / Program Manager in Charge of PA solution implementation

You will benefit by learning about operational-level implementation projects of People Analytics solutions; the mistakes that others made (so that you won’t). You will be presented with step-by-step processes, the challenges and roadblocks the team encountered along the way, how they’ve gained the stakeholders support, what worked and what’d didn’t and their lessons learned on these projects.

Solution Provider

Probably it’s self-evident by now, albeit we’ll say it – you will have an all-day access to some of the very top HR decision makers and influencers in this part of the world and beyond. You will have an opportunity to network with not only delegates, but speakers, panelists, prominent journalists and bloggers and many of global Top10 minds in the field, from around the world. Naturally, you’ll get your exhibition space right in front of the main conference hall.


To deliver the very best delegate experience, we have engaged Employer Branding Institute as exclusive conference partner.

Employer Branding Institute is a leading data-based employer branding agency in Poland (https://ebinstitute.com/en/). For 10 years have been educating market through organizing HRcamp - the biggiest conference on recruitment, engagement and employer branding in Poland (hrcamp.pl)

Following the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM, our delegates will have the opportunity to join:

10th edition of HRcamp
Jubilee edition of the iconic HRcamp conference. Gathering authorities and experts in HR & Employer Branding industry. It is the most important place in Poland for sharing knowledge, experiences and network in HR! Each year we gather more than 30 case studies from the biggest brands, workshops and special event: Employer Branding Stars awarding best employers for excellent HR & Marketing execution.

WARSAW HRPA FORUM and HRCamp are 2 events under one roof, happening on October 08 and 09, 2018.


+ speakers & panelists


panel discussions


corporate case-studies


+ delegates

HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM is based on 4 success pillars to ensure outstanding delegate experience and a value for your company’s money. Inside the conference hall you will hear:

Key-notes by leading global HR analytics influencers, providing strategic overview of trends & tendencies and insight into the global state in affairs of People Analytics.

Case-studies from corporate HR sector, showcasing implementation projects for particular HR analytics solutions, issues and challenges faced along the way and the lessons learned from the process.

Experts' presentations, demonstrating research results from the top-level academic sector – university professors and data-scientists in the field of human analytics.

∙ Outside the conference room, the HR Tech Expo gathers various solution providers , displaying a plethora of products and services, suited for organizations of any size and nature – from SMEs to Fortune50 corporations.

Speakers & Panelists

Real people real stories

HR 4.0, People Analytics, Workforce Analytics, HR Analytics… to some it might sound “Chinese”. Then let us add the data-visualization, AI, Robotics into the mix, top it with a huge those of IT… and you might ask - are we here to “talk HR or what?!?” Yes, off course we are here to talk HR and the speakers you will see and hear will do exactly that. They are here not only to give you the high-level overview of the global state of affairs in terms of adoption rates of analytics in HR, but also give you guidance and vision to what really matters and what doesn't, what's important and what's "hot air".

You will hear Corporate HR practitioners, CEOs and subject-matter experts talking about their projects and their people, what they've done, how they've done it, what worked for them and what didn’t; what they’ve learned along the way, how they’ve managed change and resistance and much, much more.

You will also get quality insights into research projects conducted by some of the most brilliant scientific minds, PhD’s, university professors and data-scientist, who will present their findings and its practical applications in corporate arena.

As one great mind said Never forget the “H” in HR!, we will have that notion as our guiding principle throughout the conference.

Luk Smeyers

CEO · iNostix by Deloitte

Distinguished Key-note Speaker

Luk is an experienced CHRO who has lead complex transition projects for compelling blue chip companies. Luk is passionate about quantifying and predicting the business impact of people investments. Predictive workforce Analytics is all he does and he is widely recognized as one of the few European top HR intelligence experts. He is the Co-Founder of HR Analytics think-tank iNostix by Deloitte.

Ghassan Karian

Managing Partner · Karian & Box

Distinguished Key-note Speaker

After spending 12 years with roles including Director of Internal Communication for British Gas, ICI plc and Rolls-Royce, Ghassan founded Karian and Box in 2006. Ghassan is acclaimed speaker and expert on communications strategy; employee engagement strategy and campaigns, employee measurement; channel development, creative management and workforce analytics.

Marcel Horvath

Director Europe & APAC · Virgin Pulse

Distinguished Key-note Speaker

As a Senior Director, Marcel is leading the international partnerships and strategic alliances of Virgin Pulse across Europe and APAC region. It is the success stories of Virgin Pulse clients and changing employees’ lives for good that gets Marcel out of the bed day in and day out.

Jonathan Ferrar

HR Analytics Global Thought Leader

Conference Chair & Key-note Speaker

Globally-respected author, speaker and influencer in HR strategy, workforce analytics and the Future of Work. He specialises in helping HR leaders become more analytical in their decision-making by building effective and business-relevant analytics functions. Jonathan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Insight222, a People Analytics consultancy based in London, UK.

Sjoerd van den Heuvel, PhD.

Research Fellow

Utrecht University

Honest, reliable and dedicated People Analytics researcher, teacher, and speaker. Holding a Ph.D. degree in Human Resource Management. Connecting the science and practice of People Analytics.

Barbara Zych, PhD.


Employer Branding Institute

With 15 years on the HR market, 100+ Fortune500 companies served, 7 books on OD, over 15 HR tools produced, 3 HR startups and hundreds of students educated, Barbara's mission is matching people science and data for better business results and work innovations.

Mateusz Klupczynski

Founder & CEO

Lab 1

Fan of People Analytics, Mateusz specializes in business outcomes from data-driven decisions and helps companies use activity metadata to get back employees' time for things that matter.

Edward Houghton

Lead Research Analyst


Driven, passionate and curious, Ed is focused on corporate social responsibility, social impact assessment, program and project evaluation and impact consultancy, serving as CIPD's lead researcher on measurement, metrics and impact evaluation.

Sukumaran Mariappan

Director • Global HR Analytics & Reporting

Trimble Inc.

Global HR Leader / HR Business Partner with 16+ years of experience in Technology & Engineering industry, Sukumaran has expertise in People Analytics, Strategic HR Business Partnering, Acquisition, Divestiture, Talent Management, HR transformation, Coaching Managers, C&B, Leadership Development and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Gyorgy Kovacs

Lead HR Analytics Analyst


Data scientist with multiple years of HR data analytics experience, Gyorgy helps organization to replace decision-making based on anecdotal experience, hierarchy and risk avoidance with higher-quality decisions based on data analysis, prediction, and experimental research in order to measure and maximize corporate HR performance.

Fran Mikulicic, PhD

Organization Design Expert


Fran is popular Ted and conference speaker, best known for his remarkable work in the field of Organization Design and HR Strategy. He serves as a mentor to CEOs and other senior executives and as an MBA brings a unique business perspective to HR. He's a highly sought-after consultant and workshop facilitator, best known for Agile Organization Design & HR Transformation series.

Agnieszka Kierner


High Performance Consultants

Results-driven and internationally experienced HR professional with over 15 years of extensive organizational, talent management and leadership development experience, Agnieszka specializes in strategic human resource management. She is experienced with improving effectiveness of organizations, teams and individuals. Certified Executive Coach and Provocative Coach. Award-winning business partner and HR Director in the high-tech industry.


Conference features a range of top-level international and Polish Thought Leaders with key-notes, expert presentations and corporate case-studies. Conference hosts two panel-discussion dealing with challenges of the Future of Work. The Awards Ceremony closes the event.

It's advisable to come early, as there are 300+ delegates to be registered. The conferences will commence at 09:00 sharp, in order to meet the event schedule.

Location: In front of the main Conference Hall

Who runs the show?
Jonathan Ferrar
Jonathan Ferrar is a respected consultant, speaker, author and business advisor in HR strategy, workforce analytics, and the Future of Work.

He advises clients on how to establish human resources strategies that will improve business performance and help HR leaders become more analytical in their decision-making. In particular, he advises Boards & CEOs of HR technology and HR analytics companies.

Jonathan was listed as one of the global “Top HR Analytics Influencers” on LinkedIn in 2014, as one of the “15 HR and People Analytics Experts to Follow” by Jibe in 2016 and as one of the 20 Experts in People Analytics by Sage People in 2017. He is the co-author of the workforce analytics book “The Power of People” (Pearson FT Press, May 2017).

Jonathan has worked for over 25 years in corporate business and for eleven of those years in executive and VP roles at IBM. He has led global teams, held P&L responsibility, managed multi-$100Ms budgets and advised Chief HR Officers at some of the world's most highly regarded companies.

After working and living in New York for almost seven years, Jonathan returned to the UK in late 2016 to be closer to his family and to set up his own company Ochre Rock Ltd. He is a board advisor to people analytics companies TrustShpere and Alderbrooke and a co-founder of the analytics networking and services company Insight222.

He holds degrees from the University of Cambridge, UK and a Diploma in Human Resources Management from Kingston Business School, UK. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Jonathan is an avid landscape photographer with the distinction of a Licentiateship of The Royal Photographic Society. On his business travels he is often found with his camera in hand.

About the Speaker:
Ghassan Karian
Ghassan Karian Ghassan started his career as a political campaigns manager for the Labour Party (1996-1998) and then as Head off Media Relations for Saatchi & Saatchi’s PR agency. Subsequently, he led the employee engagement efforts at Rolls-Royce as Director of Internal Communications and Engagement. For three years, he was a member of the People Leadership Team at British Gas, leading on engagement, employee communications and the major cultural change programme being undertaken across the business.

At Karian and Box, in addition to leading a fast-growing business with over 50 professionals, he advises business, HR and communication leadership teams on innovative employee engagement solutions and on providing strategic, actionable insight based on employee analytics and research.

Presentation focus:
· Practical case studies with insights into the latest, most innovative examples of advanced people analytics
· The focus on securing insight aligned to the business and HR/people strategies enables actionable findings to drive performance
· Using visual and verbal storytelling to help bring the data to life for time-poor leaders / stakeholders

Real-world case studies from businesses such as Asda, Aviva, BP, HSBC and a range of other businesses with European operations. Powerful insights into which attitudinal and behavioral factors are most likely to drive which business performance metrics. Examples of the most innovative ways of presenting people data to enable quick understanding of the issues at stake, and to help interpret actionable insights.

Key take-aways:
1. Integration of data not aggregation to secure deep insight
2. Predicting performance is achievable using innovative approaches
3. The story of the data matters as much as the data itself


Marcel Horvath ∙ Director Eurpoe & APAC · Virgin Pulse
Barbara Zych, Phd. ∙ CEO ∙ Employer Branding Institute
Ghassan Karian ∙ Managing Partner · Karian & Box


Jonathan Ferrar

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to mingle around some 300 delegates, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: HR Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall

Speaker: Marcel Horvath · Director International Partnerships and Strategic Alliances · Virgin Pulse

Presentation focus:
∙ People Analytics done differently
∙ Non-tech based approach
∙ Lessons learned along the way
Trimble is into People Analytics for the last 18 months and we believe we went thru our journey in an unique way. We were not focused on building metrics and dashboards. Instead we focused on collecting questions and answering them with good evidences. We partnered with HR leaders in solving specific organization problem. We did not deploy cool technologies to start with. We did a lot of cool things which helped build a brand and credibility to the outcome of our function. This presentation will be all about sharing our experience which may be interesting perspective to the audience.

The presentation will cover how answering a CEO question helped starting HR Analytics journey. The challenges we faced and all the different things we did to resolve them, build a brand and credibility to the work we do and how we play a strategic role in scaling HR as a true strategic partner.

Key take-aways:
1. How did we build an internal brand and credibility as part of our journey ; the importance of business buy-in
2. The mission for my team is to transform the way HR offers strategic support to business using data and insights. Our operating style that helped in our journey
3. What kind of priorities we decided to pursue as part of our journey.

Speaker: Sukumaran Mariappan · Director - Global HR Analytics & Reporting · Trimble

Presentation focus:
∙ What is passive data?
∙ What passive data can tell you about employees?
∙ Passive data vs active data
∙ Business outcomes - is all that analytics worth the money?

People are usually 50-70% of the bottom line costs of the entire companies. Good personnel decisions are not only a matter of development, but often a matter of market survive. It is up to HR departments and related analytical departments to recommend good decisions. This require to become more data-driven than ever.

HR Analytics departments need to develop ways to get reliable data and learn the basics of their interpretation. Passive data can be very helpful in this field. Transformation, which passed sales and marketing departments, also waits for HR people. It is good to know in advance what opportunities technology offers and what results are achieved by Polish pioneers.

Key take-aways:
1. Passive data can broaden the possibilities of HR analytics
2. Identify the fundamental drivers of value - traditional metrics usually does not cover the whole picture
3. Use different data sources to confirm your hypothesis

Speaker: Mateusz Klupczynski · CEO · Lab 1

Presentation focus:
· What is data based employer branding?
· How to choose the right metrics to assess and optimize the employer brand
· Different maturity stages of people analytics usage in employer branding
· Integrating over 500 HR metrics into one employer brand model

Employer branding is a complex construct that requires integrating different actions and metrics through the entire candidate-employee lifecycle. How to overcome this challenge when shaping the attrition and retention strategy, setting KPI and measuring the effects? Can it be based on single measures? Should we benchmark towards the other brands? How to integrate the people data to employer brand strategy? Presentation showing different maturity stages of people analytics usage in employer branding based on case studies from well-known big companies operating on the polish demanding market (from the banking to construction sector) such as:
∙ Shaping the salesforce recruitment communication based on performance based research
∙ Optimizing the recruitment campaigns based on performance based marketing
∙ Assessing and crafting the employer brand strategy based on 500 HR metrics

Key take-aways:
1. Choosing and integrating HR metrics is the most challenging task when we do data based employer – branding
2. Using people analytics to asses and optimize the employer brand can have different stages of maturity
3. Benchmarking is not the opposite to people analytics, it is a must have stage when applying it correctly

Speaker: Barbara Zych, PhD. · CEO · Employer Branding Institute

A great opportunity to engage in a casual chat with speakers and your fellow delegates. Lunch will be served at the main hotel restaurant, providing a variety of specialties ranging from traditional Polish specialties to best international cuisine.

Location: Main hotel restaurant

Presentation focus:
· The importance of organization design and its elements
· How do managers distort corporate “space-time”
· HR's role in business development and enhancement of organization's performance
· The objectives and the priorities of organizational audit
· The structure and the process of organizational audit

There are two key questions for every HR professional. The first is how much of a role of a strategic partner you currently hold and how much leadership you provide in strategy execution and business development through human and organizational development activities. The second is how satisfied you are, professionally and personally, with the current state of affairs. The hypothesis of this presentation is that by raising their expertise in the field of organization design, HR professionals will magnify their influence in their organizations and increase their impact in strategy formulation and execution, and, consequently, improve the organizations’ bottom line. Organizational audit is an integral part of the organizational design and is used to analyze alignment between three levels of planning and decision-making: strategic, tactical and operational with three levels of organizations: organizational, process and human. Organizational audit will equip HR professionals with more profound understanding of the dynamic complexity of their organizations, help them identify causes of business issues and consequences of potential actions, as well as train them to apply systems thinking and judgment realizing organizations’ links and loops.

Key take-aways:
1. Organizational audit – Powering the HR role through Organization design
2. HR, in addition to top management, is the only function with competences and incentives to monitor the whole system
3. Organizational audit is the great first step in understanding the complexity and value of the organization design

Speaker: Dr. Fran Mikulicic, MBA, PhD · Organization Design Thought Leader

Presentation focus:
· Roles and capabilities our team started with (what we had and what we should have focused on as well)
· In an ideal world... (what we thought we would work like, our initial goals)
· Things you should never do in this area: the way we failed... (key learnings about our audience, community building, user experience, business maturity and politics)
· ...just to learn how to pick ourselves up. Learning from the bests, taking one step back in complexity – optimizing HR analytics to better suit our audience and business needs
· How are we helping the business now to achieve its most important goals? (strategic workforce planning, recruitment and talent management, L&D, diversity, etc.)

I will present Diageo's 3-year long journey in people analytics with a special focus on the key learnings for anyone who wants to start this area, in a multinational company. The questions I would like to answer and the areas of focus will be:

What we did well and where we failed on our journey?
How to start this function with a small group of 2 or 3 people?
Areas you might need to focus on at the very start that are rarely mentioned but highly important.
How you can build credit and seize the momentum within HR?

Key take-aways:
1. You don't need a big team to have big impact on a company's HR processes
2. Do not over complexity at the start: key capabilities, processes and data
3. Educating the business is crucial - train the HR function as you progress and seize the momentum

Speaker: Gyorgy Kovacs · Lead HR Analytics Analyst · Diageo

Presentation focus:
∙ How to get started with People Analytics?
∙ Common misconceptions about People Analytics
∙ Success stories and their ingredients
∙ Exercises to do with your management

Let’s start with People Analytics… That’s easily said. But making People Analytics a success is a complete different story. For example, what capabilities need to be in place? And no, People Analytics is not only about data science. What about storytelling competencies, business sensitivity, experience with various software packages, knowledge about the coming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consultancy skill, a strategic level of thinking… oh, and great social skills of course. Not to forget about in-depth HR knowledge. Well, superman does not exist. So how do you make sure you have these capabilities in place? Do you collaborate, do you develop these capabilities yourself, do you hire them, do you acquire them? Which knowledge, skills, and attitudes needs to be developed? And where do the gaps lie? In this session, Dr. Sjoerd van den Heuvel from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, will share some key-lessons learned from teaching professionals from Surinam to Malaysia in People Analytics. Are there differences in the struggles organizations and professionals experience? And what then are the common keys to success? Are you ready to be (even more) successful in People Analytics?

Key take-aways:
1. Start at the right and don't think about people
2. Grab a pencil, and start drawing
3. Practice with bedtime stories, the rest will be easy

Speaker: Sjoerd van den Heuvel, PhD. · Research Fellow · University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Presentation focus:
· findings from a global survey of HR, Finance and non-HR colleagues about the impact of people analytics.
· explores the skills, confidence, technology and functional barriers to effective people analytics.
· explores regional differences in people analytics practice, highlighting global and regional trends in skills, confidence and utility.
· highlights the growing people analytics agenda and the importance of continued investment in people analytics practice by HR and senior leaders.

CIPD conducted a global survey of HR, finance and other non-HR functions to explore how people analytics practice is evolving. The study explored the skills and confidence of HR professionals, and the perspectives of non-HR business leaders on their HR functions. Survey found growing interest in people analytics in the HR function, but a greater need to integrate across functions to develop impact through people analytics data. Recommendations call for HR leaders to champion the development of HR skills, and to integrate across functions to develop data-science capability. Recommendations also call for HR to integrate concepts of "people risk" into people analytics, to understand short, medium and long-term people risks using people data.

Key take-aways:
1. Data visibility and transparency are key for non-HR professionals if they're to utilize people insights in their decision making.
2. People analytics culture is critical for good people analytics outcomes. This includes ensuring leadership uses data in decision making, and engages the workforce on the value and importance of people data.
3. People analytics has potential globally; just over 50% of HR/people professionals say they have ready access to people data. More can be done to promote skills, access and use of people data in HR decision making.

Speaker: Ed Houghton · Lead Research Analyst · CIPD

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to mingle around some 300 delegates, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: HR Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall


Sjoerd Van Den Heuvel, PhD ∙ Research Fellow ∙ Utrecht University
Agnieszka Kierner ∙ CEO ∙ High Performance Consultants
Luk Smeyers ∙ CEO ∙ Inostyx by Deloitte
Ed Houghton ∙ Lead Research Analyst ∙ CIPD


Jonathan Ferrar

About the Speaker:
Luk Smeyers
Luk is an experienced CHRO who has lead complex transition projects for compelling blue chip companies.

He has an enviable background performing strategic and operational roles for dynamic, change-oriented companies and has managed at board level through business start-ups, turnarounds, acquisitions, divestitures, joint-venture creation, down-sizing and restructuring on a pan-European basis.

With his result and people oriented focus, he has made substantial difference everywhere and established deep shifts in perspectives and strategies.

In 2008, Luk started as a Human Capital entrepreneur and established a cutting-edge HC Analytics consultancy, together with academic partner Dr. Jeroen Delmotte (www.linkedin.com/in/jeroendelmotte).

Luk is passionate about quantifying and predicting the business impact of people investments. Predictive workforce Analytics is all he does and he is widely recognized as one of the few European top HR intelligence experts.

Luk is revered as a leading thinker, educator, influencer and is a well-known content contributor, blogger, columnist and author of many articles. He is an invited speaker at international conferences and helps clients set a higher ambition for strategic HR intelligence, leading consultative projects and strategy meetings with such organizations as Ahold, Deloitte, BNP Paribas, Zurich, ING, KPN, ABN-AMRO, AXA, Philips, Rabobank, UWV, RealDolmen, Acerta, NS, BASF, Besix, Strukton, Bekaert, Randstad, Eandis, AG, Postnl, AON, Raet, to name a few.

Presentation focus:
Sharing learnings from executing over 100 projects in the past 5 years with regards to implementing the People Analytics function.

In our projects, we are seeing that many organizations are starting with People Analytics without thinking of an operating model. We have experienced many times that organizations get stuck after a while and are not making (analytical maturity) progress anymore because the lacking 'rules of the game' (= operating model). I will take the participants thru my experiences and learnings in working with organizations that got stuck after a few initial experiments.

Key take-aways:
1. Understanding the critical necessity to invest in an operating model to become successful with People Analytics
2. How to start using the 4 pillars of a People Analytics Operating Model: People, Organization, Data & Technology
3. How to design a roadmap to implement the People Analytics Operating Model

Sponsors & partners acknowledgements and drawing of valuable prizes and VIP Tickets for selected events

See you again next year!

Feedback & Insights

what people say

I run a large LinkedIn group of 1.2 million members and I always wanted to get them more interested in HR Analytics. This conference has been able to give me some really good take-aways, that hopefully I can get them excited about it in a LinkedIn group and talk up more about it.
Pamela Harding, SPHR CEO ∙ Metzano
The ManpowerGroup has chosen HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM, as a perfect place to show that we are supporting the HR community fully in today's challenging environment. As a lead sponsor, we are very, very happy and we're already planning to support the conference next year.
Nebojsa Biskup General Manager ∙ ManpowerGroup
Conference really fulfilled my expectations, listening to speakers, their stories, their experiences, but also exchanging with colleagues. Asking them questions, how they've sold difficult situations, made decisions upon them. I really learned a lot from delegates, not only from speakers.
Mihaela Smadilo CHRO ∙ Oradian
It’s a really good intended conference, I had an opportunity to talk to many attendees and what I’ve really enjoyed is hearing new speakers. A lot of conferences feature all the same speakers, but here we got both global and a local perspective of the speakers from the CEE region.
David Green Founder & CEO ∙ Zandel
Here in Budapest it's fantastic! The environment is quite cool, I heard so many new things today, but I also saw some old friends in the filed, so it's also a great place to network. Here you get new perspectives, you learn from other people in the field and you build up your network.
Marielle Sonnenberg, PhD. HR Director ∙ Walters Kluwer
I really love teaching. Whenever I can share my knowledge and expertise, that we gained doing hundreds of projects, I really love to share that. For me that’s really important. The number of people at this conference, both attendees and speakers is really fascinating!
Luk Smeyers Founder ∙ iNostix by Deloitte
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Conference partners

Employer Branding Institute is the Lead Conference Partner of the Warsaw HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM.

The full list of sponsors & partners will be announced shortly.


Choose the attendance option that best serves your personal or your team’s needs:

Standard Individual Conference Pass
  • Full access to:
  • All speakers
  • All sponsors & expo-space
  • Lunch & refreshments
PAY 2 - GET 3 !! Conference Pass for 3 People
  • Full access to:
  • All speakers
  • All sponsors & expo-space
  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Total: €990 for 3 people
  • Savings: €495
Academia / Gov. Org. Conference Pass
  • Full access to:
  • All speakers
  • All sponsors & expo-space
  • Lunch & refreshments

If you would like to register more than 6 delegates, CONTAC US for a customized price.


Why not? :-)

As the capital city of the largest economy in the CEE region, Warsaw is an ideal place to host an international event of this size and caliber. Besides, it is the very first conference dedicated specifically to People Analytics & the Future of Work, in Poland.

The conference starts with opening keynotes, followed by 8 corporate & expert presentations in TedTalk style. Each speaker has roughly 20 minutes for the speech + brief Q&A with the audience. The last speech of the day is the closing key-note. Altogether, there is a conference chair's address key-note, 2 other key-notes, closing key-note and 8 corporate cases presented throughout the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM, making it a total of 11 speeches. There are also two plenary panel-discussion - one in the morning and another one in the afternoon part of the program.

On the contrary! It is ideal duration. Frankly speaking - by allowing only 20-minute talks, we motivate speakers to deliver a focused message and showcase what they have accomplished with a particular project or initiative. This way we filter out the “blah-blah part” of “let me tell you about our company first…”.

Yes, just drop us an email to info@peopleanalyticsforum.eu

Due to the international format of the conference, English is the official language.

Truth is we don't believe in dress-codes, so wear whatever you feel best suits you. If you like suit & tie, that's fine, but so are jeans. Our motto is "feel comfortable, while being elegant".

If your group is 5 or more people, drop us a quick email to register@peopleanalyticsforum.eu

WARSAW HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM 2018 and HRCamp are two business conferences, organized in partnership between KTC International Ltd. and Employer Branding Institute Sp.z o.o., as one event. Delegates who attend both days will enjoy significant discount on participation fees.

One word: GDPR. No, we don’t sell delegates’ details as leads to third parties (sorry Sponsors!). Naturally, we keep your data on our secured servers, as we will keep you posted about next edition of the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM in 2019. You will get a maximum of 3 email messages from us and that’s it. We leave it up to you to decide with whom you’d like to share your info.