People Analytics ∙ Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) ∙ Strategic Workforce Planning

Conference Format

A truly outstanding event has speakers characterized by 3 things ENERGY ∙ PASSION ∙ CONTENT above all else. We keep it that way.

  • Guided by “less is more” principle, presentations are 20-minutes, to ensure key-message is delivered in a dynamic, engaging and interesting way for the audience. No death by PowerPoint!
  • Designed to fully engage with the audience, the 2 X 1-hour panel-discussions are ideal opportunity for speakers to exchange views with one another and also interact with delegates.
  • The information you will hear comes predominantly from the corporate HR sector – real people/real projects. You will hear about true success stories and how you can benefit from them. No Sales Pitch!
  • This is a BIG event by head-count, yet it is “small enough” for everyone to be in the same room at all times. You will have an all-day access to all the speakers and your fellow delegates.


What exactly is the big deal about this whole concept of People Analytics, also known as Workforce Analytics (aka HR Analytics)...???

The story starts with a simple fact – you cannot ignore digitalization and stay competitive in business, let alone be a market leader in any business. We live in a world where a smartphone app can change the market landscape in a matter of weeks. Love it or hate it – you can’t ignore it. Improved workforce productivity and performance, enhanced employee experience and wellbeing, and better HR reporting at a strategic level, are essential to the success of organizations and their ability to survive, now and in the decades to come. All this comes at a time when talented and highly skilled employees are not just becoming harder to recruit and retain, but actively rethinking their desired relationships with employers.

So, the HR has to go digital; and as organizations look to cope with these changes, they are embracing the workforce analytics at ever greater pace. These analytics can be used to improve workforce productivity, enhance employee experience and wellbeing, and increase the impact of HR overall. Undoubtedly, workforce analytics is central to the future of HR, as it lies at the heart of initiatives to personalize the employee experience, optimize organizational design and improve team collaboration and effectiveness.

Now, that is – by any accounts – a pretty big deal. And the good news is:

The Future of HR is here

Empowering HR with People Analytics for Success in Digital Economy

Most organizations still operate in hierarchical 2.0 mode, while the modern HR has reached the 4.0 stage. The HR 4.0 now has the capability to influence business decisions, by providing data-based, timely and exact business insight. The HR 4.0 can provide the CEO and other C-level decision-makers with data-based facts to make the key business decisions, instead of relying on the “gut-feel”. People Analytics brings the paradigm shift in how business decisions are made, how risk is evaluated and ultimately what business impact an organization will have. We are no longer talking about the need to have HR at the table in l'art pour l'art HR terms. People Analytics finally gives the HR that truly strategic role... and a seat at the table.

This conference series and subsequent Masterclasses bring you the blueprint on how to successfully implement HR Analytics at strategic and tactical/ops level. You will hear real-life examples form the giants like Amazon, as well as some of the World's leading academic and business minds in the field, presenting data-based facts & figures, trends & tendencies for the near, mid and long-term outlook of the Future of Work.

Technology is changing the world of work and big data plays a key role in the process. Sorting out the “ocean of information” is the game-changer. HR analytics is not yet-another-hype, but a trend that is growing and is here to stay. It is increasingly becoming the “way we do things around here”. If you don’t have the right data – you are uninformed. If you have too much of unsorted data – you are overwhelmed. As a busy HR person, you can’t afford either. The quality of your decisions has a direct and lasting impact on your organization. The HR analytics provide a solution to that challenge.

2ND ANNUAL HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM ZAGREB is a conference dedicated to presenting, understanding and embracing the use of data-driven analytical approach in HR function, and business as a whole. The data-driven decision-making process is recognized as the key differentiator in today’s workplace, giving companies who apply it properly a substantial edge.

London, Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco and NYC are regularly hosting world-class HR analytics conferences ever more often. We wanted to bring some of that world closer to you!

  • Learn
  • Engage
  • Share
  • Participate
  • And above all - have fun :)
Main objective

The goal of this conference is to help you – the attendee – to choose the best practices, tools & techniques for your organization and your own role. Some of the topics that we will talk about include:
· Building HR Analytics Functions, Teams, Capabilities and Support
· Data-Driven Recruitment and Talent Management
· Smarter Workforce Planning for Growth or Downsizing
· Technology-Enabled Employee Insights
· AI in HR
· Workforce Differentiation and Predicting Attrition Impact
· Identifying and Developing Leaders among Candidates and Talent Pools

Who will be there?

Most notably HR Leaders and influencers from Croatia, Europe and the World and many, many:
· CHROs & HR Directors
· HR Analytics function heads
· HR Business Partners for Analytics
· Analytics professionals and SMEs
· Other senior managers, professionals and SMEs from HR, IT, Data and Analytics functions
· Media, Press and Academia representatives

Worth mentioning

Learn about latest trends, applications, tools & best-practices
Understand why is HR analytics estimated as $18Bn market
Meet top speakers from Europe and the World
Participate in discussions and have fun
Presentations you will hear are from real world. Presenters will talk about REAL projects, REAL challenges, REAL issues, REAL success & failures and REAL people. No death by Power Point!

CHRO / HR Director

You will benefit by learning about strategic-level importance of HR 4.0 and People Analytics. You will be empowered to widen your CEO’s and other Senior Managers horizons, by pioneering successful change management initiatives. You will have data-based facts that will enable you to shift the organizational mindset from fixed to grow. You will have data-based business insights, that will enable you to present outcome scenarios to your Board. You will earn the seat at the table!

HR Business Partner

You will benefit by seeing and hearing the real stories, from the real people at operational-level of running the People Analytics Teams and departments. You will learn about the best practices in data-collection and processing, data-visualization and story-telling. You will become the most trusted adviser to your CHRO on value of data-based recruitment, talent-management, employee –satisfaction and retention, reward strategies benefits and much more.

Project / Program Manager in Charge of PA solution implementation

You will benefit by learning about operational-level implementation projects of People Analytics solutions; the mistakes that others made (so that you won’t). You will be presented with step-by-step processes, the challenges and roadblocks the team encountered along the way, how they’ve gained the stakeholders support, what worked and what’d didn’t and their lessons learned on these projects.

Solution Provider

Probably it’s self-evident by now, albeit we’ll say it – you will have an all-day access to some of the very top HR decision makers and influencers in this part of the world and beyond. You will have an opportunity to network with not only delegates, but speakers, panelists, prominent journalists and bloggers and many of global Top10 minds in the field, from around the world. Naturally, you’ll get your exhibition space right in front of the main conference hall.


+ speakers & panelists


days: conference + masterclass


corporate case-studies


+ delegates

HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM is based on 4 success pillars to ensure outstanding delegate experience and a value for your company’s money. Inside the conference hall you will hear:

Key-notes by leading global HR analytics influencers, providing strategic overview of trends & tendencies and insight into the global state in affairs of People Analytics.

Case-studies from corporate HR sector, showcasing implementation projects for particular HR analytics solutions, issues and challenges faced along the way and the lessons learned from the process.

Experts' presentations, demonstrating research results from the top-level academic sector – university professors and data-scientists in the field of human analytics.

∙ Outside the conference room, the HR Tech Expo gathers various solution providers , displaying a plethora of products and services, suited for organizations of any size and nature – from SMEs to Fortune50 corporations.

Speakers & Panelists

Real people real stories

HR 4.0, People Analytics, Workforce Analytics, HR Analytics… to some it might sound “Chinese”. Then let us add the data-visualization, AI, Robotics into the mix, top it with a huge those of IT… and you might ask - are we here to “talk HR or what?!?” Yes, off course we are here to talk HR and the speakers you will see and hear will do exactly that. They are here not only to give you the high-level overview of the global state of affairs in terms of adoption rates of analytics in HR, but also give you guidance and vision to what really matters and what doesn't, what's important and what's "hot air".

You will hear Corporate HR practitioners, CEOs and subject-matter experts talking about their projects and their people, what they've done, how they've done it, what worked for them and what didn’t; what they’ve learned along the way, how they’ve managed change and resistance and much, much more.

You will also get quality insights into research projects conducted by some of the most brilliant scientific minds, PhD’s, university professors and data-scientist, who will present their findings and its practical applications in corporate arena.

As one great mind said Never forget the “H” in HR!, we will have that notion as our guiding principle throughout the conference.

Prof. Dr. Robert Kopal

Distinguished Keynote Speaker

Senior professional and Lecturer in the field of Competitive and Intelligence Analysis, with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Rober Kopal serves as State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior and University professor. His passion is spreading the ethics and value of analytics as one of the key techniques for 21st century economy.

Mojca Domiter

Executive Director Corporate HR

Atlantic Grupa

Result oriented and forward thinking, Mojca is an HR professional with 20+ years of work experience out of which more than 10 years in executive Human Resources and 4 years in Customer Service managerial roles, gained in FMCG, telecom and pharmaceutical industry in an international environment.

Fran Mikulicic

Conference Chair

Fran is popular Ted and conference speaker, best known for his remarkable work in the field of Organization Design and HR Strategy. He serves as a mentor to CEOs and other senior executives and as an MBA brings a unique business perspective to HR. He's a highly sought-after consultant and workshop facilitator, best known for Agile Organization Design & HR Transformation series.

Catharine Fennell

CEO & Founder · videoBIORecruiter AI

Spanning a career with over 20 years in senior executive roles, Catharine helps HR world with digital AI video platform for talent management, recruiting, interviewing, training and development and creation and video communications for businesses.

Luka Baranovic.

Managing Director


Ex Deutsche Telekom senior director who turned entrepreneur, Luka’s illustrious career spans over 20 years. An expert in Customer Experience, Project Management and managing large scale operations, Luka’s focus has always been on people and how to improve the most valuable component of any business – humans.

Roberta Pagliarulo

Senior ICF Coach

International Coach Federation

A member of the Italian Federation of Coaching, Roberta holds Masters Degree in HR and is certified NLP Practitioner. She specializes in helping companies to improve recruiting and training processes and supervises many certification coaching courses.

Sasa Jurkovic


Croatian HR Association - HR Centar

Entrepreneur and founder of HR Centar, Sasa is an executive manager backed by proven track-record in managing company growth and development in stable or dynamic business environment. He has vast experience in restructuring, M&As, revenue increase and business strategy development.

Maja Vekic Vedrina

Head of DWH/BI

Atlantic Grupa

Experienced Leader with over 20 years experience, Maja is in charge of Development and governance of Data Warehouse systems Development of Business Intelligence systems at Atlantic Grupa.

Drazen Orescanin

President of the Board

Poslovna Inteligencija

Leading international expert for analytical systems and data architecture, Drazen has more than 25 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics projects in largest companies in Europe and Middle East.

Luka Babic



Instrumental in reinventing Infobip’s HR to People Operations as a strategic business partner to the top management guided by data-driven practices, Luka . works with teams across 50+ offices around the globe to develop employee value proposition and strong employer brand in key strategic markets.

Katja Matic

People Development Head

A1 Hrvatska

Senior professional in human resources management with highly developed social skills, Katja possesses vast experience in recruiting the best talents and people development in several countries, applying non-violent communication and coaching conversation that greatly help her every day job.

Matej Sakoman



Possessing a great talent and distinct ability to cover the most difficult topics in the most simple and interesting way, Matej is a well-known expert, focusing on Performance management, Competency model development, Talent Management & Development and HR systems implementation.

Interested in Speaking? Submit your paper here!


DAY 1 features a range of top-level international and Croatian Thought Leaders with key-notes, expert presentations and corporate case-studies. Conference hosts two panel-discussion dealing with challenges of the Future of Work. The Awards Ceremony closes the event.
DAY 2 brings us an outstanding masterclass with Dr. Fran Mikulicic.

It's advisable to come early, as there are 300+ delegates to be registered. The conferences will commence at 09:00 sharp, in order to meet the event schedule.

Location: In front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven

Who runs the show?
Fran Mikulicic ∙ Chair Iva Sulentic ∙ Moderator

Fran Mikulicic is a the leading Organization Design expert in Croatia, a mentor, coach and Corporate Consigliere, loved by conference audiences for his energetic, fun and provocative style.
Iva Sulentic is an acclaimed actress, popular TV & Radio host, Master of Ceremony and Announcer, with a university degree in economics, which makes her a superb conference moderator.


Prof. Dr. Robert Kopal ∙ State Secretary ∙ University Professor
Mojca Domiter ∙ Executive Director Corporate HR ∙ Atlantic Grupa
Drazen Orescanin ∙ Board President ∙ Poslovna Inteligencija


Fran Mikulicic

Candid & controversial - not "just another" round-table

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to mingle around some 300 delegates, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: HR Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven

Presentation focus:
· How coaching is changing: platforms with video conference, text and email replacing in-person meetings, algorithms to recommend articles, videos or podcasts to clients
· In order to boost innovation is necessary to promote a culture of innovation, to engage people, to develop a different kind of leadership and coaching could be a powerful tool to achieve these goals
· How leadership is changing in the era of Data Analytics and how a leader could use coaching tools to develop leadership
· Case studies to demonstrate the above listed

During my presentation I would like to share with the participants my experiences as a coach in an era where technology is changing the way we work. My purpose: to underline the importance of culture, strategy, engagement and leadership support in order to boost innovation and new trends in HR like People Analytics.

If you don’t have the right data you can feel overwhelmed, but to manage data and to promote innovation we should keep in mind possible barriers: lack of leadership, lack of awareness and engagement. Coaching could help organizations to promote a culture of innovation and I would like to share the experiences of my clients.

Coaching itself is changing and supported by technology, becoming more flexible and more effective in this digital era. Moreover, I would like to share some experiences about how leadership should change in order to promote innovation and how coaching tools can be used by leaders to boost a culture of innovation.

Key take-aways:
1. How coaching is changing to adapt to the new HR scenarios
2. Coaching as a powerful tool to support innovation
3. Leader coach in digital era

Speaker: Roberta Pagliarulo · Senior ICF Coach · International Coach Federation

Speaker: Maja Vekic Vedrina · Head of DWH/BI · Atlantic Grupa

Presentation focus:
∙ Market landscape is changing as services become more crucial (and more complex) in our everyday lives
∙ Successful organizations are turning to design to confront the challenges and grab opportunities
∙ Design of business model, service, experience and employee environment
∙ Well-designed systems provide additional opportunities for data and technology within HR


Key take-aways:
1. Design has become a strategic business topic
2. It is penetrating on all levels: from design of business model, design of service and proposition all the way to organization
3. Business design and service design provide new opportunities and challenges for HR

Speaker: Luka Baranovic · Managing Director · humanact

Presentation focus:
∙ Digital workforce is changing the way we work and how we connect and represent ourselves
∙ Moving from roles to projects to gigs with a focus on competencies
∙ Why employers are looking for fit and potential more than skills and experience
∙ Screening and interviewing models and supporting need to adapt to keep up
∙ Why employees are seeking a human model within a digital framework

Digitization is the driving force across the enterprise but most importantly it has had the biggest impact in people practices. How does this change how we assess and develop talent and change the candidate and employee experience? Will AI replace core functions or will AI-based data support the human objective?

HR teams need to carefully select the technology that supports their process and productivity objectives while also considering how technology will serve to enable and uncover human potential and a human experience. AI should re-humanize a process, not de-humanize it. Learn how companies are using digital video AI technology to assess for leadership, potential, attitude and fit in a forward-looking environment that embraces and supports a people-first, human experience that is additive, not reductive and keeps people at the center of decision making while reducing bias and subjectivity in the process.

Key take-aways:
1. Understand how digital AI is improving talent screening and assessment
2. Understand how digital AI helps to uncover and develop talent potential
3. See how employees and candidates are using digital AI to improve their profile and tell a more accurate story

Speaker: Catharine Fennell · CEO & Founder · videoBIORecruiter AI

A great opportunity to engage in a casual chat with speakers and your fellow delegates. Lunch will be served at the main hotel restaurant, providing a variety of specialties ranging from traditional Croatian specialties to best international cuisine.

Location: Ball-room Tomislav

Presentation focus:
Practical advice how to select, attract & develop human resources in deficit areas (data engineering & science) from regional leader in IT consulting for analytical systems and one of the most successful Croatian exporters in IT industry

IT Consulting and software development is very competitive industry with high requirements for people who are working in the industry and continuous shortage of qualified resources. Over the years, we have achieved best results by development of our resources "from scratch" by attracting, selecting and building graduated student from beginners to experienced consultants and managers through education and work in project teams. Practical advice and experience will be shared.

Key take-aways:
1. How to organize internal learning academy
2. Long-time career development process is essential
3. Lessons learned in highly competitive IT consulting industry

Speaker: Drazen Orescanin · President of the Board · Poslovna Inteligencija

Presentation focus:
· What we talk about when we talk about diversity?
· Why is diversity important?
· Is it possible to structure the teams in such a way to get the "right mix?"

The talk will cover the story how Infobip's search for the AI algorithms that can predict employees' future performance as the function of recruitment interviews, led us to the discovery of how workforce diversity can play its role in the performance predictions. There is quite a lot of media coverage about workforce diversity tales, but what do we make out of them? Why is diversity such a hot topic after all? While it seems quite intuitive, there is a lingering question: how do we define diversity in the first place?

The story aims to debunk myths about diversity and show what Infobip as an organization learned from external and internal research about the topic.

Key take-aways:
1. What is cognitive diversity?
2. How can I identify and leverage diversity in my team/organization?
3. How can I improve discourse on the topic of diversity in my organization?

Speaker: Luka Babic · CHRO · Infobip

Presentation focus:
· What digital competences are important for our company
· How we've defined them
· Concept of "Digital Academy"
· Developing digital culture
· Future steps and plans

In the time of constant changing and in industry based on technology there is no bigger priority than to develop employees and preparing them for the future challenges. We have identify that developing future competences of our employees is a high priority for as a company. That’s why we have decided to define our core digital competences that will help us to cope with constant change. Our „Digital academy“ has been started on the beginning of this year and we have covered more than 400 skills gap in a last 7 months and more than 300 employees was included. However, pure training is not enough if we want to succeed in implementation of gained skills. Our big challenge and task was is developing digital mind-set and digital culture. In this presentation, you will see what different steps we have done and what we will do in the future.

Key take-aways:
1. How to define what digital competence your company need for the future
2. How to engage employees in digital competence development
3. Spreading the culture of digital mind set and concept of "Digital academy"

Speaker: Katja Matic · People Development Head · A1 Hrvatska

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to mingle around some 300 delegates, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven


Sasa Jurkovic ∙ President ∙ HR Centar
Katja Matic ∙ People Development Head · A1 Hrvatska
CHRO ∙ Infobip
Luka Baranovic ∙ Managing Director ∙ humanact


Fran Mikulicic

Candid & controversial - not "just another" round-table

Distinguished Keynote Speaker: Fran Mikulicic · Organization Design Expert

Sponsors & partners acknowledgements and drawing of valuable prizes and VIP Tickets for selected events

See you again next year!

It's advisable to come early, as there are many delegates to be registered. The Masterclass will commence at 09:00 sharp, in order to meet the event schedule.

Location: In front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven

Masterclass Focus:

∙ To teach the agile mindset and how to implement it
∙ To illustrate the new possibilities of line management and HR partnership
∙ To demonstrate the importance of mentoring approach
∙ To explain the components of Organization design and their interaction with People management issues
∙ Hosting couple of line managers as real-time case studies

3 key take-aways from this masterclass / key messages:

1. The time is money and your clients want more of your time for less of their money. If you want to win, your line managers and HR have to play like a real team. The same goal, different roles and responsibilities.

2. A touch of expertise in Organizational design and People management will boost your managers’ effectiveness and efficiency leading to enhanced business results. can be achieved by understanding the required alignment of various different elements and their interactions.

3. Mutual mentoring approach between your line management and HR professionals supports previous two key take-aways and raise the value of their human capital regardless whether they would decide to contribute to the same company or look for the greener pastures.

About your Masterclass Leader

Fran Mikulicic

Fran Mikulicic MBA is an expert in the areas of Strategy Execution and Organizational and Human Performance. For over 10 years Fran has been guiding and supporting professionals and organizations in succeeding beyond their own expectations. As a Consigliere or as a mentor he assists managers and their organizations in reaching the highest level of organizational and personal success. He combines top-down and bottom-up approaches, understanding that a battle is won in the tranches and that a responsibility for the system lies on the top.

· Added value of the agile mindset - Issues and challenges
· Constraints and trade-offs in everyday managers’ decision making
· The presuppositions of the agile mindset and its implications
· Why, What, How, and What if of the agile mindset

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to network, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: HR Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven

· Organization design and People management – two sides of the same coin
· Key elements of Organization design and their importance to line management and HR
· The big picture and specific actions in solving real life business problems
· Why, What, How, and What if of the interventions in Organization design and People management

A great opportunity to engage in a casual chat with Fran and your fellow delegates. Lunch will be served at the main hotel restaurant, providing a variety of specialties ranging from traditional Croatian specialties to best international cuisine.

Location: Ball-room Tomislav

· The alignment of the process – requirements, scope, and activities
· Organizational audit matrix as an analysis tools
· The dos and don’ts – benefits and potential risks
· Why, What, How, and What if of the partnering HR with line management

The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to network, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Location: Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven

· Adding value to HR function and claiming that strategy planning seat
· Mentoring partnership – win/win principle
· Mentoring the managers in their organization interventions
· Why, What, How, and What if of the Back to Basics approach

Feedback & Insights

what people say

I run a large LinkedIn group of 1.2 million members and I always wanted to get them more interested in HR Analytics. This conference has been able to give me some really good take-aways, that hopefully I can get them excited about it in a LinkedIn group and talk up more about it.
Pamela Harding, SPHR CEO ∙ Metzano
The ManpowerGroup has chosen HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM, as a perfect place to show that we are supporting the HR community fully in today's challenging environment. As a lead sponsor, we are very, very happy and we're already planning to support the conference next year.
Nebojsa Biskup General Manager ∙ ManpowerGroup
Conference really fulfilled my expectations, listening to speakers, their stories, their experiences, but also exchanging with colleagues. Asking them questions, how they've sold difficult situations, made decisions upon them. I really learned a lot from delegates, not only from speakers.
Mihaela Smadilo CHRO ∙ Oradian
It’s a really good intended conference, I had an opportunity to talk to many attendees and what I’ve really enjoyed is hearing new speakers. A lot of conferences feature all the same speakers, but here we got both global and a local perspective of the speakers from the CEE region.
David Green Founder & CEO ∙ Zandel
Here in Budapest it's fantastic! The environment is quite cool, I heard so many new things today, but I also saw some old friends in the filed, so it's also a great place to network. Here you get new perspectives, you learn from other people in the field and you build up your network.
Marielle Sonnenberg, PhD. HR Director ∙ Walters Kluwer
I really love teaching. Whenever I can share my knowledge and expertise, that we gained doing hundreds of projects, I really love to share that. For me that’s really important. The number of people at this conference, both attendees and speakers is really fascinating!
Luk Smeyers Founder ∙ iNostix by Deloitte
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Why not? :-)

Because Zagreb is THE place to do a business conference in Croatia. While we understand the “fun element” of conferences located at the Adriatic coast, this event is about delivering business value. If you want to tour wine-cellars, hike the hills or party out, that’s great. This event is not about that.

The conference starts with opening keynotes, followed by 8 corporate & expert presentations in TedTalk style. Each speaker has roughly 20 minutes for the speech + brief Q&A with the audience. The last speech of the day is the closing key-note. Altogether, there 3 keynotes and 8 corporate cases presented throughout the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM, making it a total of 11 speeches. There are also two plenary panel-discussion - one in the morning and another one in the afternoon part of the program.

On the contrary! It is ideal duration. Frankly speaking - by allowing only 20-minute talks, we motivate speakers to deliver a focused message and showcase what they have accomplished with a particular project or initiative. This way we filter out the “blah-blah part” of “let me tell you about our company first…”.

Yes, just drop us an email to info@peopleanalyticsforum.eu

Due to the international format of the conference, English is the official language.

Truth is we don't believe in dress-codes, so wear whatever you feel best suits you. If you like suit & tie, that's fine, but so are jeans. Our motto is "feel comfortable, while being elegant".

If your group is 5 or more people, drop us a quick email to register@peopleanalyticsforum.eu

One word: GDPR. No, we don’t sell delegates’ details as leads to third parties (sorry Sponsors!). Naturally, we keep your data on our secured servers, as we will keep you posted about next edition of the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM in 2019. You will get a maximum of 3 email messages from us and that’s it. We leave it up to you to decide with whom you’d like to share your info.